Sihle Sizwe is also running some programs on the ground in Zimbabwe.



Sihle Sizwe is also involved in the running of an orchard that has local women and girls growing their own vegetables in between the cluster of trees. In addition to providing water to these women and girls for their domestic use, the orchard project allows the local population to supplement their nutritional needs whilst earning an income from the sales of their garden produce.


Currently, the sewing club doing school uniforms in the city of Bulawayo stopped during Covid time. We are working hard to revive the project. This project was designed to create self-help income generation for women and girls surviving in an environment of severe unemployment and poverty.

Currently, the project operates from rented partner organization spaces whilst construction is underway in a facility that Sihle Sizwe owns. Owing to construction costs, the building of the new site is taking a lot longer than anticipated. We are frantically fundraising for the construction of our main building. A structure housing the caretaker of the facility has already been constructed and awaiting final touches. We are also soliciting funding to install a water borehole in the vocational training centre facility as well as expedite the construction of our main building as contained in the embedded facility plans.