Stephanie Mbithe

Stephanie is passionate about life below water and ensuring that the oceans are not polluted and that the already existing waste in the ocean is cleaned up is essential to humanity as a whole. There has been a 26 percent rise in ocean acidification since the beginning of the industrial revolution. Even though a lot has been done to reduce marine pollution, my main focus of my work is to ensure that a sustainable system is developed to clear the microplastic litter already existing in the ocean. My work with the youth will be focusing on a potential new technological system that will be used to clean up the oceans.

Amanda Ncube

Amanda is a Zimbabwean native, who grew up in Alberta, Canada. She is a graduate of the Community Support Worker program at Norquest College and is currently in her final year of a Social Work Diploma program. Amanda has worked with diverse populations in various organizations including, the Edmonton Food Bank, Catholic Social Services in the immigration and refugee department, Jellinek Society supporting recovering individuals, and as a Food ambassador at the hospital and at a senior care facility. In addition, she coordinates dialogues between immigrant women to facilitate inter-generational discourses about life experiences. Some of her notable experiences include being involved in numerous grassroots projects such as providing sanitary pads to marginalized women both locally and internationally. She prides herself in working from a non-intrusive and strength based approach to build capacity while maintaining the privacy of those she helps and advocates Amanda is an avid reader, a self proclaimed food connoisseur who loves to try out the Edmonton food scene and takes every opportunity to travel to escape the long and cold winters of Edmonton.

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