Marimba Teacher

Sihle Sizwe Vineyard Foundation is seeking for a Marimba Music teacher. The teacher should be able to teach students with skills and knowledge in playing Zimbabwean style marimba musical instrument. The teacher should be able to multitask and teach youth to work in an ensemble. The teacher should know the history of Zimbabwean type Marimba and its origins. He or she should be able to set and tune Marimba instruments that are out of tune. 

He or she should have played, directed and taught marimba professionally for more than 10 years. He must be able to direct and manage Marimba ensembles 

And also be familiar with , mbira, hosho, and djembe. Individual should be able to handle learners with diverse talents and individual differences and bring them together to form a unit that produces various genres of music from contemporary, traditional as well as pop music. A solid understanding of the learning process and immersive teaching practices is a must-have. Our students often come to us with skepticism. 


  • Adapting the lessons to suit the students’ needs 
  • Providing direct and honest feedback to students
  • Charting the growth of pupils’ skills and capabilities until they have achieved mastery of the instrument
  • Teaching pupils about the theory of music
  • Instructing pupils in essential skills, such as reading music
  • Provide a minimum of two (2) live feedback sessions per week
  • Develop Monitoring students’ learning progress
  • lesson and action plans to aid students in their learning activities
  • Job Qualifications and Skill Sets

Qualifications expected of a Music Teacher:

  • A total of 10 or more years playing and teaching Marimba
  • Ability to work with kids and play different Zimbabwean musical instruments
  • Ability and experience in working with performing Arts Teachers.
  • Ability to teach all ages in a group setting
  • Reliable interpersonal skills for one-on-one music lessons
  • Deep understanding of music theory, music education, and general music
  • Functional knowledge of sheet music composition
  • Appropriate communication skills for elementary schools, high schools, or accredited colleges
  • Ability to form and run an ensemble