Our Canadian Programs

Youth mentorship

A mentor walks with a young person as life happens.  It involves providing hope and support to a young person in a non  judgmental and empathetic manner. 

Black male youth in particular,  sometimes feel unwanted, isolated and marginalized. 

We match them with strong black role models who teach them about masculinity and what it means to be a responsible citizen.

Youth to Youth

You are never alone express your unique self, share your story with other youth.

Express your unique self and creativity through avenues including music, creative writing, art and poetry.  A great way for our youth to bond and explore their creativity.

Mental Health Programs

Providing a safe environment to encourage conversation regarding issues surrounding mental health.  Supportive conversation not only provides education but helps to address the stigma surrounding mental health issues in our communities.

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International programs


Lobhengula Sewing Club

Empowering women through income generating sewing Club. Women are in the business of sewing uniforms to generate income for their families and their children.